Friday 14th July

Hi everyone

The end of the year is near but this week has been as busy as ever. Y4 are not quite on the beach yet.

Isaac has been brilliant throughout the year in so many ways and this week was no different.  I asked the children to make a computer game that based on the principle of random selection.  Isaac quickly saw the possibilities and displayed a level of enthusiasm and creativity that delighted me.

We have been continuing our work on coordinates this week in maths and we have also been studying shape and symmetry. Charlie showed confidence, trust and determination, which helped him to move out of ‘the pit’.

The rain was falling relentlessly on Tuesday afternoon when Miss Wright worked with Y4DM. Predictably, she still found a way to get the children interested in sport and to be competitive. She asked the pupils to produce an indoor game based on an aspect of PE.  I’m hoping for a few more wet playtimes so I can get to play some of these great inventions.

I hope you will appreciate your child’s annual report. Whatever I wrote, you can be sure that it’s better than mine. In preparation for the transition days on Monday and Tuesday, I asked my class to write to my new recruits to offer them advice.

‘First of all, never make Mr. Moore of Elvis angry. It won’t end well.’ Isaac

‘Just to warn you, you will do loads of experiments and I am wishing you luck, luck because it is going to be difficult.’ Melika

‘You’ll love Mr. Moore’s science and you might be lucky enough to witness magic.’ Matthew

‘If you are sitting in the front row, bring safety goggles, stand back and have fun.’ Maisie

‘Anyway, let’s talk about the learning. For a start, most of the time you will be learning about strange things or learning about computing.’ Skye

‘Try to be very creative.’ Sithika

‘He can be unbelievably untidy at times so watch out!’ Leo

‘The music in class may be loud and distracting but just try coping with it and you’ll overcome it eventually.’ Adwaya

‘Good luck as Mr. Moore is strict. Be warned.’ Ashley

‘The experience and surprises you will witness in this class will blow your mind and the challenges will go beyond your limits.’ Daniel

‘By the way, you do not need to be scared.’ Shakirah

‘Do listen to Mr. Moore because he does have a spectacular wise beard.’ Kai

My first Learner of the Week is Kai, but not just for admiring my facial hair. Every sentence of his advice was written with effort and an intention to impress, and today he thrilled us with his high jump skills once again. Only Zedekiah from Y6 was able to leap higher. By the time Kai reaches Y6 he’ll be able to grab a handful of stars on his way over the bar.

Skye is my other choice for Learner of the Week. I am staggered by her ability in visual literacy lessons. She is able to interpret even the slightest detail in an image, song or video clip with an ability and understanding that is far beyond her age.

Miss Murphy has introduced herself to my class, who will become her class in September. She is a great teacher and totally committed to our children. You can be sure that Y4DM are in good hands and that your child will have a fantastic year.

Homework sheets were given out today. The themes are acrostic poems and coordinates. Please encourage your child to use Sumdog Spelling. Once they have answered enough questions, I will be provided with a report which I can use to set individual challenges for the Summer holiday.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

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