Friday 29th September

Hi everyone.

Today I taught a PE lesson for the first time in ages, and despite the fact that I’m aching already and definitely won’t be able to walk tomorrow, it was completely worthwhile. Miss Bell usually teaches my class PE, but as she was busy with Assembly this week, the children missed a lesson. So this afternoon I taught my pupils some futsal skills and I was absolutely delighted by their enthusiastic response. Well done to Lubaya, Lilly Anna, Andrea, Stella, Susan, Singher, Benjamin, Xavier, Harley and Sonny for working so hard. Future England stars? Why not?  Micah would tell that agree that dreams can come true for children at ACE.

It has also been a great day for writing in 4DM. After watching carefully edited scenes of the Roman army in battle, the children wrote recounts of as though they were the legionaries involved in the fight. Some of their work is very powerful.

At the crack of dawn I waited for the archers, ballista and catapults to fire and for the battle to begin. – Liam

The flaming arrow meant that the battle should commence – Lilly Anna

The British were brave but stupid. The fight was horrifying. – Benjamin

We kicked them, we stabbed them and threw them to the ground. – Stella

The cavalry now went into battle. They were hidden behind the trees. “Hold the line!” they said. – Evie-Rae

Everything went as planned. The Emperor stood praying for victory. – Susan

The battle turned to a death land. Everyone was slicing and stabbing warriors. – Euanson

Then we heard a shout from the Emperor. “Roma victor!’ he screamed. – Singher

Next week we’ll learn about how the Romans were challenged and nearly defeated by a brave warrior queen.

Well done to all the children who are reading regularly at home. Guzal has made so much progress that this week I moved her up 12 levels. Susan is this week’s Lexia Legend. She has gained 16 units this week in only 56 minutes. Our top three Sumdog superstars are Susan, Sonny and Benjamin who have all answered over 2000 questions each with at least 89% accuracy over the past seven days.

We went a bit QR code crazy this week. I showed the children how to save text as a QR code. As part of our work on values, we typed up quotes about kindness and saved them as QR codes which can be scanned by the phone or tablet of anyone who needs a brighter day. We will be printing these out next week so keep a look out, and be ready to smile. Ramtin then had the brilliant idea of creating a QR code of number problems. Thanks to his flash of inspiration, we now plan to make a maths treasure hunt around the school grounds.

During our Maths No Problem lessons we have been learning to round numbers to 10000. Jessica worked incredibly hard was rewarded with outstanding progress. We also learned how to count like Romans. X out of X for everyone.

Homework: p.4 and 5 (nouns and adjectives) of the English books, spellings, reading and a maths worksheet about place value.

Learners of the Week are Susan and Xavier. Nobody has quite matched the level of exceptional effort and brilliant behaviour that they have set, but I’m pleased to say that my choice has been more difficult than I could have hoped for.

Thank you to every child in Y4DM. Every one of them has done something to make me proud this week.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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  1. first of all I know that the warrior queen is called Boudica (is that how you spell her name ?) She tried to defeat the Romans . But then she knew she was going to get captured so she drank poison !

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