Friday 3rd November

Hi everyone.
Miss Judge, our Science coordinator, will need a lie down for a while when she finds out how much Science we have done this week. Not only have we made electrical circuits, we have made switches and also recorded our work as a circuit diagram. Lilly Anna, Olaseni and Jessica were a very sparky team and worked brilliantly. Next week we will investigate which materials conduct electricity. I’m sure that the children will be very shocked (but not electrically) by what they will discover.

Y4DM received a letter from the mother of a Roman soldier who was worried about her son being stationed at Hadrian’s Wall. They examined the letter closely in order to learn about the features of informal letters, and then they answered comprehension questions about the content and layout. Today, the children pretended to be Marcus (the Roman soldier), and they wrote replies to their mum. The tremendous effort made by Giselle, Elyssa, Deacon and Jessica really impressed me, as did the content of the work produced by Susan, Evie, Singher, Stella, Harley, Euanson, Olaseni and Liam.

Over the next couple of weeks our focus in Maths No Problem lessons will be multiplication and division. Although many children still need to learn to have quicker recall of times table facts, I think that many are ready for the greater challenge of multiplying 2 or 3 digit numbers. As usual, Mrs. Bentley has been working her maths magic this week, and trying her best to make sure that no pupil falls behind. Her dedication, and her determination to give every child she teaches a better chance in life inspires me.

I find it amazing how quickly my class learn computing skills. It took 10 or 15 minutes to teach them how to make their own films using iMovie. They combined photos, voice recording, titles and transitions to create short documentaries about the life of Julius Caesar. Today some children also made films to commemorate Bonfire Night.

The Romans traded many different types of goods across their empire. We combined history with geography to identify which countries exported different commodities to Rome. Jessica, Andrea, Rayhan, Hamza and many others demonstrated great map reading skills, and gained a great deal of knowledge.

I have chosen Jessica and Liam as our Learners of the Week. Liam is a very able mathematician and he has shown that he can also achieve excellent standards in reading and writing. His concentration and effort has been very strong this week. Jessica has also made great progress on her learning journey. My heart is full of pride to see her being so determined and working so hard. Other things to celebrate this week are Sonny’s joined writing, Evie’s bravery with tricky times tables, Naza’s brilliant focus and effort in every lesson, Hamza and Kyron’s amazing work rate, Abigail and Elyssa’s Google Classroom skills, Lubaya, Arman and Fatimah’s wonderfully positive attitude, and Ramtin’s kindness in making sure that Ronnie, our newest recruit, felt like one of the pack from his first moment at ACE.

Homework for this week includes a spelling focus on the prefixes super, sub and inter (p74 of the English books). Maths homework is addition and subtraction (p. 18 and 19), plus 11 and 12x table facts. The writing task is a 50 word challenge on the topic of how to have a happy Bonfire Night.

My class have learned that St. Paul was right. Love is patient and love is kind. Sadly, some failed to prove that love always protects. I gave each child in my class an egg to look after, with the instruction that St. Paul gave to the Corinthians. Some eggs were cracked and scrambled within minutes but others have been well loved, and are still intact. Only one more week to survive and we will see who has shown the most love. I eggspect it will be difficult, but love always hopes.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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  1. Hi Mr.Moore!
    it looks like you guys have been having lots of fun this past few weeks.I hope that you are enjoying your class and that they are enjoying you.

    your sincerely,Hanna H

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