Hi everyone

The science challenge for this week was to make a torch. Deacon was hugely enthusiastic and continually tried to improve his model. Susan and Stella made a beautifully designed lamp, which included a handle.

Olaseni shared his superb homework with as many teachers as we could find today. Miss Willis, Miss Noble, Miss Bell, Mr. Spink, Mrs. Bentley and Mrs. Johnston were all totally charmed by his recipe for a life full of love. Olaseni combined all the right ingredients (kindness, family, prayer and laughter) to create a magnificent menu.

Homework for this week: p80 and 81 in the English books (ly spelling) and division worksheets. The focus for the Sumdog challenge for this weekend is also division facts.

My choices for Learner of the Week are Andrea and Rayhan. Rayhan has had a faultless week. He has worked hard in every lesson and his attitude has been brilliant. Andrea has been chosen for similar reasons; perfect behaviour and 100% effort, but these are attributes that she displays in abundance every day. How she has been exceptional is by showing the confidence to challenge and argue with me when she knows that she is right. Rayhan = a gentleman. Andrea = a strong young lady.

This week we composed a letter to our class governor. Everyone wrote about what it is like to be in Y4DM. Here’s a sneak preview of what Mr. Dyal will read. Evie Rae wanted him to know that in Y4DM we are all friends and we are all kind to each other. Benjamin would like to know how old he is, and what his favourite topic would be. Euanson decided to confess to Mr Dyal to know that he rates his learning attitude as 6 out of 10 but I think he deserves at least an 8. Stella wrote that she is getting smarter and cleverer everyday, Elyssa wants Mr. Dyal to know what a great mum she has, and Harley would like him to know that if you use more than 2 wires in a circuit then the bulb will fade.

Lubaya wrote that to be in Mr.Moore’s class is a gift and makes us special in a way.

For once, I am finally lost for words.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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