Friday 24th November

Hi everyone

Fatimah’s energy and organisational skills have been really helpful during an incredibly busy week. I think she may have got the job of my PA. As well as the usual unusual lessons, we have been trying to get through a flurry of tests in reading, maths and spelling, punctuation and grammar. Thank you to Mrs. Bentley who helped us all to get through it all with minimal stress and maximum confidence.

The Monday science challenge was completed successfully by nearly everyone. The mission was to build a fan. The children wired up a motor and made fan blades from cardboard.

Fan by Stella and Susan

Sonny has had a brilliant week again. His writing using fronted adverbials and his Lego animation with Euanson were two amongst many of his successes over the past few days. Guzal’s attitude to learning has also really pleased me. She has been really focused on trying to get all tasks completed on time and to the best of her ability. I must also mention how much respect I have for Ronnie. I am so proud of how hard he tries every single day to do his very best. He has coped incredibly well with some very difficult challenges and changes, and he has not complained for a single moment. Other things that have really made me smile this week were some of Singher, Susan and Ramtin’s posts to our Google Classroom. They have uploaded lots of good work and they made helpful and witty but respectful comments. School definitely doesn’t finish at 3:10pm for them.

As you can understand, the decision has been really difficult, but I’ve chosen Lilly Anna and Euanson to be the Learners of the Week. Lilly seems so much happier and her self-belief is growing day by day. Her handwriting is looking better than ever and she is more confident that she can succeed in maths lessons. Euanson is a maths magician. Tonight he is in first place on the Leeds Sumdog contest leaderboard. He has also impressed me in other subjects by showing great knowledge and keenness to do even better.

Homework: please ask your child to show me how to use divide using either repeated subtraction or addition, grouping or chunking. I would also like the pages on verbs and adverbs in the English books to be completed by Thursday at the latest. The 50 word challenge is to write about what sort of emperor they would be and what they would do. Don’t forget the Leeds Sumdog contest. So far 7 out of the top 10 students on the leaderboard are in 4DM.

Busy again next week. On Monday some children will be representing the school in a cross-country running event. I’m so glad that I wasn’t chosen. We will be visiting Moortown Baptist church on Wednesday afternoon for the Rewind to Christmas celebration. We’ll also be preparing for our meeting with children from Brodetsky and practising our class assembly performance, as well as fitting in all the usual unusual lessons.

Have a good weekend.

Mr. Moore

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