Friday 8th December

Hi everyone
Year 4 made a whole bunch of new friends on Thursday when we met with children and teachers from Brodetsky. We shared what we had learned about light in science and RE, and we gave them gifts of jars decorated with messages and lit with and LED bulb. Thank you to Miss Bell for helping our children to create a beautiful dance sequence. The Brodetsky pupils thoroughly entertained us by telling us about Chanukah, through singing, acting and showing us a very funny video. Mr. Ackerman (the leader of the Interfaith Project) sent me an email later saying, “Thank you for a soul uplifting afternoon. Afternoons like today’s make the world look a much happier place.”

Please come to our Class Assembly on Wednesday morning to see the work that we shared and some children that make me very proud.

We have been preparing for our KS2 Christmas church service by writing about the birth of Jesus from the viewpoint of the wise men. It is always one of my favourite Big Writes of the year, and today’s work was once again both brilliant and very moving. Abigail, Singher, Sonny, Liam, Fatimah, Andrea, Guzal, Benjamin, Naza, Stella, Arman and Susan gave all that they could when writing their recounts.
‘”Myrrh for when he sacrifices himself”. His voice faltered while he was speaking. His friends helped him back up to his feet.’ – Susan

So many stars have shone this week. Although he has been unwell, Deacon has had a great week of brilliant behaviour and exceptional effort.  Liam and Euanson have both impressed me with their reasoning in maths, and Sonny has amazed with his outstanding art skills, Benjamin and Jessica have continued to work hard with never any fuss, and Leigha is showing even greater focus than ever. Olaseni has also reminded me of what a wonderful pupil he can be.

I have chosen Ramtin and Lubaya as Learner’s of the Week. Ramtin is consistently making good choices about behaviour. He has shown great strength through self-control, gentleness and politeness. Miss Judge is very good at noticing when children having a positive impact on the school community, and she has told me several times how impressed she is with this young man. Lubaya deserves recognition for having such a brilliant attitude and for trying so hard in all subjects. Like Ramtin, she is showing great strength. Lubaya has become unafraid of difficult challenges, she has a positive mindset, and she is making the most of our brief time together in Y4. When Miss Bell looked at her beautiful work in RE this week, she told me that she wished that Lubaya was in her class instead of mine.

Homework for this weekend is a writing challenge initially. The children may complete any or all parts of it. They may answer comprehension questions, design, draw, and label a composite creature from their imagination, ‘up-level’ a sentence, or finish the story.  Maths homework is to take part in a ‘Girls versus Boys’ Sumdog times table challenge.

Have a good weekend

Mr. Moore

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