Friday 5th January

Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve made a brilliant start to 2018 in Y4DM. The children have been enthusiastic, hardworking and wonderfully kind. They seem really pleased to be back at ACE, and of course, so am I.

To finish off our topic on the Romans we made a Roman road. It would’ve been fun to make a real one but instead we made a road out of biscuits and icing. Later in the day I asked the children to write instructions in which biscuits were substituted for stones, slabs and gravel, and icing was replaced by cement. Liam, Arman, Susan, Naza, Stella, Abigail, Andrea and very many others did very well with this challenge. Thank you to Leigha for getting so involved in this task and for taking some lovely photos of the children working.

In our Maths lessons we have been using reasoning skills to decide whether we agree with an equation, and we’ve also been learning about factors of numbers. Fatimah was incredibly quick to understand how to find a factor, and I was really pleased that she helped others share her confidence and knowledge.

This week I showed my class how to compose and record music using Garageband, the iPad app. Their challenge was to create a melody using the pentatonic scale, a series of 5 notes that is shared by every culture throughout the world. The children loved the lesson and they are really proud of the music that they have created, and rightly so, but what really pleases me is that the children have been inspired and excited to create something that they want to share with others. By the end of school today some of my class had started a boy-band Garageband band!

Learners of the Week could be anyone and everyone so by choosing Lilly Anna and Ramtin they will know that they have both been incredibly special this week. Every moment spent with them has made me very proud and very happy. Perfect behaviour, wonderful effort and positive attitudes; what more could I wish for?

Homework – English books p.12 + 13 (Articles and Determiners), Maths books p.24 (Factors). Your child has uploaded this week’s spellings to our Google Classroom. Please let me know if you need a paper copy.

Have a good weekend

Mr. Moore

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