Friday 19th January

Haiku time again,

That’s poetry from Japan.

Count the syllables.


The beats in the lines,

Should be five, seven then five,

To make it just right.


I asked the children

To make a haiku poem

About animals.


Their work was superb

Well done Guzal and Arman

Absolutely great.


Science was great fun,

Sam the soundman was so good,

He taught us so much.


Vibration and waves,

Air particles and bridges,

And amplifiers.


Plus all about pitch,

And how to make instruments,

From recycled things.

Beautiful maths work

From many children this week

When they drew their graphs


Great presentation

Accurate work with rulers

Data now looks good


Mrs Stott will laugh

At the last verse that I wrote

She will spot a pun.


Lots more laughs this week

When we made string telephones

We learned a lot too.

The best partnership

Was Olaseni and Jess

Brilliant effort


Our values lesson

Was about democracy

We all got our say.


Which flavour is best?

Was the question that I asked.

The vote was taken.


Appalling result

Most children chose prawn cocktail.

Hideous flavor.


Now I have to buy

29 packets of crisps

That I really hate.


On Monday it’s worse.

I’m supposed to eat a pack.

Majority rule.


Learners of the Week:

Sonny and also Stella.

Really wonderful.


Amazing effort

In everything they have done.

I can’t ask for more.


I could say much more

But syllables limit me

They will understand.


I must also thank

Singher and Susan too,

As well as Ramtin


Homework for this week:

An English writing challenge,

Maths sheet on Monday.


I’d better stop now

I can’t help talking like this

Mrs. Moore is cross.


Have a good weekend.

I will see you all next week

Haiku blog is done


Mr. Moore

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