Friday 2nd February

Hello everyone. Another week of learning, work and fun has flown by. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday did well, but Monday and Friday were both exceptional this week.

We learned about Anglo Saxon runes this week (the letters that made up the alphabet). After discovering that the Anglo Saxons wrote on stone, the children chose pebbles to write the runes that spelled their names. The excitement and interest was turned up to 11 when we began the process of sawing and sanding wooden cubes to make Anglo Saxon necklaces. Olaseni and Deacon had a terrific battle to see who could make the smoothest bead, and every single child was excited about what they were learning. Because the children were so motivated by this lesson, I have asked Mrs. Stott for an outdoor workbench for us to continue our projects. She has very kindly agreed. I am really looking forward to teaching the children about maths, design, art and so they can create useful and beautiful objects.

The value that we are currently studying in school is Forgiveness. I had asked the children to write about when they last needed to be forgiven, and I talked about how Jesus suggested that we should be prepared to forgive each other seventy times seven, a number that symbolised boundlessness. Today, I had the feeling that the lesson wasn’t finished. I thought that we might be able to do something with poetry. My initial idea was to create an acrostic poem. The children helped me to collect vocabulary that began with the same letter of those in the word ‘forgiveness’. The levels of enthusiasm were so great that at one point every single one of the children was on their feet, desperate to contribute some vocabulary. Due to the overwhelming response, I decided to challenge the children a bit more by asking them to think of opening words and lines to fit around the acrostic. By doing so, we created some stunningly powerful ‘found poems’ of fragmentary thoughts. In their first drafts, very single child produced work that will make you stop, think, cry and smile. I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased with my class. Next week we will write and type our work so it looks as good as it sounds. Here is what Stella had to say.

Always forgive people at any opportunity. Relax your heart because you’re a gift. Inside your heart is very forgiving. Love yourself in every vision, for everyone can be forgiven. Be nice to nature and be elegant. For being sweet, can be the best thing that you can show.

Friday was also fantastic because I got a chance to say how pleased I am with Naza and Sonny in our Gold Book Assembly. Naza has been chosen for her focus and concentration, which is always perfect. She listens very carefully and does the best she can in every lesson. When a task takes her a long time Naza does rush to finish. She has a wonderfully conscientious attitude.

I could not be more pleased with the progress that Sonny has made. It is wonderful to see him making the most of his intelligence and talents, and to be achieving such high standards in all subjects. The levels of self-discipline, focus and humility that he has shown have made me very proud.

My choices for Learners of the Week are Rayhan and Leigha.

Rayhan may think that by trying incredibly hard, and by being quiet, determined and gentlemanly, that his efforts go unnoticed. I want Rayhan to know that these are the values that make him stand out. I am immensely proud of his manner and his attitude.

Leigha knows that she has had a really good week. Again, determination has been the reason that Leigha has stood out this week. She has avoided distraction and has tried immensely hard throughout the week, and she has made some terrific progress.

Thank you to Liam, Fatimah, Harley, Ramtin and Fatimah who helped their fellow pupils learn to use green screen skills in today’s comprehension lesson. Using artifacts from the schools’ museum service, the children wore a replica Anglo Saxon helmet and brandished a sword and shield as they pretended to be Beowulf in a dark and scary forest, reporting on his battle with Grendel.

Homework: please encourage your child to have a go at the creative writing task, and also the sheet about decimals and equivalent forms. I have set a Reading Eggspress lesson to fit in with spellings for this week, and a Sumdog challenge on adding and ordering decimals.

Have a wonderful weekend, and to my children, be good, be safe and be here on Monday.

Mr. Moore


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