Friday 9th February

Hello everyone.

Today we reached the halfway point of the school year. I am really pleased with the progress the children have made so far and I am delighted that we still have plenty of time left to make this an exceptional year.

Perhaps the most important lessons this week were based around Safer Internet Day, which we celebrated on Tuesday. The children were reminded about how to make the right choices when online so that they can keep safe and enjoy the internet. They made e-safety posters to advise other children and they created wristbands on which they wrote a pledge to make the internet a better place to visit.

Today we finished our class novel, The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Somehow I managed to avoid bursting into uncontrollable weeping, as Lila and her father Lalchand were finally reconciled. We have loved reading this book and when I read the last sentence today the class spontaneously applauded. Ask your child/children about Lila’s three gifts. I think my pupils have already been given some of them.

I’d like to thank Mrs. Whiteley and Mrs. Johnston for organising the Harry Potter Night this week. All the children who attended told me that they had a truly magical time. Mrs. Stott had great things to say about Ramtin, Mrs. J told me that Leigha was wonderful, and an owl showed Lubaya that she already possesses the three gifts that Lila worked so hard to discover.

Deacon was the hero of today’s guided reading session. Everyone in his group recognised that massive progress that he has made and congratulated him, and I couldn’t help giving him a ‘high5’ for his improved fluency.

Arman has also had a very good week. I am so pleased by how much his vocabulary has improved and by how much effort he is putting in to every lesson.

Benjamin is my first Learner of the Week. He has shown excellent focus and concentration in every task. He has been contributing really well to maths lessons and he gained an amazing 35 units on Lexia this week. As usual, he has behaved brilliantly: he has been completely kind and perfectly polite. Well done Benjamin.

My second Learner of the Week is Elvis. Elvis Husky (not Presley). On Tuesday afternoon he taught three Y3 classes all about wolves, and both Y5 classes about how animals of the Arctic survive in very cold temperatures. His lessons inspired the children and he behaved very well, showing great patience and gentleness. When he got home from school Elvis emailed the Y3 classes to thank them. His spelling was terrible but he tried very hard.

Holiday homework: if you have internet access please make sure that your child works on their Lexia time target, Reading Eggspress lessons and Sumdog challenges. I have also asked the children to complete the pages on rounding decimals from the maths books, as well as the section on tricky spellings in the English books.

Have a wonderful half term holiday.

Mr. Moore

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