Friday 2nd March

Hi everyone.

I don’t snow where to begin: perhaps with the weather.

The snow tried its best to disrupt our learning this week but, as usual, there is still a lot to celebrate in Y4DM.

The first thing to do is to say welcome back to Giselle. Everyone is delighted that she has found her way home to ACE. It feels like we have all the pieces of the jigsaw back together again.

We learned a little more about the human digestion system this week when we looked at the functions of parts of the body. I learned that some of my children laugh easily, and can also be made to feel queasy quite easily. If any of my class are going to be the doctor that operates on me one day, then they are going to have to toughen up a bit.

This afternoon I asked the children to draw a Viking longship. Sonny’s work was, as usual, absolutely outstanding. He included a terrific level of detail as well as showing great control over shape and perspective. What pleased me most however, was the amount of progress that Liam made during the lesson. He was very disappointed with his initial drawing but he listened really carefully to feedback, and produced work that he is rightly proud of.

Once again I have chosen Susan as Learner of the Week. I think she’s been picked three times this year but I could select her every week for the same thing. Susan has a very serious attitude to learning and wants to make the most of all the time she spends at school. She avoids distraction, listens carefully and shows resilience when things get difficult. Susan was genuinely disappointed that school was closed on Thursday. It’s incredible but true.

I am forced to choose Benjamin again as my second Learner of the Week. He too has been a recent choice, but how can I ignore 59 units scored on Lexia in just 7 days? His attitude to learning is faultless, and nobody takes homework more seriously than Benjamin.

Homework is as follows: English books (commas in a list), Maths books (perimeter problems), personalised spellings and a Sumdog shape challenge.

We begin our Arts Project with Mrs. Johnston on Monday. I am really looking forward to a fortnight of creative activities that will have a huge impact on the standard of writing and art in Y4DM, as well as igniting belief, confidence and a passion for expressing ideas through art and design. I can’t wait.

Our postponed World Book Day event will take place on Tuesday, so, if possible, children should come dressed as a character from Where’s Wally?

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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