Arts Project – Day 4

First of all this ….

After a flakey start to the day, Y4 worked with Mrs. Johnston to pack their imaginary suitcase for the journey that they are taking. Lots of useful things were crammed into the task. For example, fast thinking, coordinating actions with speech, accurate sentence construction, precise spelling, writing with subordinating conjunctions and using commas in lists were just some of the skills that Mrs. Johnston managed to fit into another brilliant lesson.

Miss Allison is really pleased with the progress of the dance that Y4 have been preparing. Although several of our most gifted dancers were absent, others in the class showed that they too are very talented. Jessica was totally brilliant in leading the ‘windmill cannon’ and Olaseni also showed excellent leadership skills throughout the session. Lilly Anna, Andrea and Kyron moved wonderful control and grace, and I was really pleased to see Leigha for showing such great trust in her classmates. Miss Allison told me today a secret today. She said that although she loves working with every class in school, my children make her smile the most.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone that I told you this.

Mr. Moore

3 thoughts on “Arts Project – Day 4

  1. I love working in the Art Studio it is really fun. My favourite part of today was when we packed a suitcase and dancing with Miss Allison. My favourite part of all of the days was complementary colours. I was in orange group and my complementary colour was blue or green. I used blue. It is really fun in the Art Studio.

  2. Thank you for your hard work Mr Moore, Miss Allison and Mrs Johnston.
    I found it really fun and interesting today!
    I can’t wait for what we’re going to do tomorrow and next week!
    P.S I like the way you typed up the blog Mr Moore.

  3. Thank you miss Allison for teaching us a beautiful dance I love it!
    I love going into the Art Studio it brings lots of happiness and joy to my day.
    Another thank you to Mr Moore and Mrs Johnston because they are really AWESOME !

    P.S Your the best Teachers in the world and Elvis /Evils is the best dog ever !!!

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