Arts Project – Day 9

Despite the awful weather, Y4 brought brightness and colour to my day.

Before I say anything else, 20 house points to Euanson, Susan, Singher, Liam, Andrea, Naza and Lubaya for working at home on the first draft of the diary that all the children wrote in school today. Thanks as well to Leigha who also tried to make sure that she was prepared properly for today’s first lesson.

Mrs. Johnston provided wonderful words of wisdom which really helped the children to produce writing which was better than ever. Y4 wrote the journal entries for one of the characters from The Journey. Precise punctuation, deeper description, stronger sentence structure and intense emotion was evident in much of the children’s writing.

During part of the morning and some of the afternoon, the children worked on creating painted cardboard models of birds which incorporated their initial designs that they had explored in previous lessons. Naza worked with superb focus and patience, and once again Lubaya showed some of her finest qualities: amazing artistry as well as resilience.

Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm our performance to parents, relatives and friends will take place. Please join us if you possibly can to celebrate the very special journey made by Y4 over the past two weeks.

Mr. Moore

PS. Best wishes to Miss Allison. Y4 wish you a speedy recovery.


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