Friday 30th March

Hi everyone

In our final week before Easter we learned about the last few days in Jesus’ life. Using the animated film The Miracle Maker, we found out why Jesus was executed as a criminal by the Romans. There is no doubt that everyone in class understood the pain he felt and the sacrifice that he made.  Well done to Benjamin for showing great listening skills and for being able to explain the truth about why Judas betrayed Jesus.

I was impressed by Sonny’s knowledge of the animal kingdom when we learned about the bite power of different animals as part of our science topic about teeth. The children were shocked to discover that Elvis’ fangs can break bones even though he is so gentle. My sofa and jacket are not surprised at all.

More dog news this week – Winnie the pug and her human from Dogs’ Trust paid us a visit.  We learned about the wonderful work that the charity does, we were taught about safety rules and how we can make sure that dogs are always our best friends.

Learner of the Week is Leigha.  She showed me that she is really keen to make progress when she asked me to help her with an aspect of Lexia that she was finding difficult.  My other choice for Learner of the Week is Ramtin.  He has answered 966 questions on Sumdog in 7 days, and his test scores and assessment results have been excellent.

Homework for the holidays: prepositions in the English book, and symmetry in the Maths book.  I will also set Reading Eggpress spelling assignments as well as Sumdog challenges.  Please make sure that your child also does 60 minutes of Lexia for every week of the holidays.

Have a good break and eat plenty of chocolate.

Mr. Moore

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