Friday 20th April

Hi everyone

It’s good to be back. I was disappointed to not be with my class on Monday but I had to help Mrs. Stott spend thousands and thousands of pounds on new computing equipment for next year. We already have great IT resources in school and the investment made on Monday will make learning at ACE even more exciting and effective. Mr. Poole really enjoyed looking after Y4 for the day; behaviour was excellent and the children worked really hard.

We have spent quite a bit of time planning and rehearsing our Assembly for next Wednesday. The theme has been really hard to choose because Mrs. Potter’s class have already shared what Y4 learned about Vikings and it is too soon to introduce the World Cup topic, so we’ve decided to do an Assembly about nothing.

This week our Big Write was a retelling of the story of Zero. Zero lived in a world where everyone is marked with a number. In that world, people are given value and judged by their number that marks them. Zero faces constant prejudice and persecution. He walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever: he meets a female zero. Together they prove that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something. Stella, Hamza, Kyron, Naza and Lily Anna worked really hard to give detail and interest in their writing by including strong sentence starters and well-chosen vocabulary.

Cooking and baking are great ways to help children learn maths facts and skills. Thank you to Mrs Walker who made Viking vegetable soup with my class this week. The children learned to make a healthy, cheap and tasty meal and they sharpened their skills in peeling, cutting and chopping. Our maths topic for this week is mass, and how to convert kilograms to grams and vice versa, so please work on this by cooking with your child if you want a fun way to do some homework.

Homework. English books pages 76 and 77 (doubling letters), Maths books pages 30 and 31 (adding and subtracting fractions). Spellings will be sent out on Monday along with this week’s writing task.

It really pleases me that I can report to you how happy the children were to be back at school. They were all pleased to see their friends but I think that many of them had missed just the feeling of being part of a really special group. Amongst many, Giselle has really stood out. Her attitude to learning has been brilliant. She is Learner of the Week for being so positive, for contributing to every lesson and for working well in a group, with a partner and also independently. Giselle has been brilliant.

Please try to attend our Assembly (9:00am Wednesday), where we hope to prove that nothing can be something special.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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