Friday 4th May

Hello everyone.

As I was successful in sneaking a bag of Mrs. Moore’s fabric out of the house and to school, we were able begin sewing our Viking purses. It turned out to be one of the most popular lessons of the week.  Everyone who had a go found it to be really enjoyable and therapeutic. Time seemed to slow down for a while, and we had more than just a moment to talk to each other and to think, share stories and to laugh a bit more.  Susan, Lubaya, Lilly Anna and Naza already have amazing skills but Deacon, Olaseni, Ronnie and Sonny will soon be experts too if they continue to work and sew so enthusiastically.

This week some children in my class have been quietly proving that they meant what they said when they promised to help serve others. Arman, Elyssa, Stella, Fatimah, Ramtin and Harley are just some of the children that have been taking on responsibilities without being asked.

The Science topic for this term is all about classifying animals. I asked the children to show me what they already knew. Some interesting ideas were put forward but it’s clear that we still have a lot to learn about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects.  Please encourage your child to do some research, and to develop some expertise on his or her favourite animal.

Y4 have completed their plans for the Viking sagas that they will write next week. We decided on a basic story, which the children have adapted and planned through making notes and by drawing a storyboard.  Sonny’s plan was immediately stuck on the working wall so that others can be inspired to aim high.

In our Maths No Problems lessons were have been revising what we know about fractions and learning some new skills. As well as converting improper fractions to proper fractions, we have been learning how to change a fraction to the decimal equivalent using the bus stop division method. The maths topic for next week is coordinates.

Spain are the most likely team to win the FIFA World Cup this year.  My class confirmed this when they made paella with Mrs. Walker this week.  It was an incredibly popular and wonderfully tasty dish and deservedly went through to the final stages of the competition. Don’t worry though, I’m sure that Yorkshire pudding and vegetarian gravy (England) will at least get through to the semi-finals.

The Learners of the Week are Sonny and Evie Rae.  I have chosen Evie Rae for consistent effort, her gentle nature gentle nature and also because she is just enjoying being young and she isn’t trying to grow up too quickly.  Plus she gained 31 Lexia units this week!  Sonny is chosen because of his passion for learning.  He has loved every task, and his focussed energy and high standard of work has been a great example to everyone.

Homework – pages on paragraphs in the English books, and revision of fractions from the Maths books (p32 and 33).  Spellings have been posted onto Google Classroom and I will print them out next week.

Next Tuesday afternoon, all Y4 children will be going to Alwoodley Tennis Cub for their PE lesson.  Please ensure that your child has PE kit, a hat, drinks and any medication that they might need.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Mr. Moore

PS I’ve just remembered that I always ask Mrs. Moore to proofread this blog.  I’m going to be in so much trouble.

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