Friday 15th June

First of all, Happy Eid to everyone who is celebrating today.

Secondly, hooray! We won the Leeds Sumdog contest and earned a free six months subscription. My class answered 22724 questions, and Stella, Liam and Singher were in the top 10 of the 251 students who took part. Best of all, we finally beat Mr Kay’s class!

Once again, this has been a week filled with kindness and generosity. All over school, children had been showing that they understand the value of humility and why we should put others first. Isla, the Leeds Children’s Lord Mayor came to see us on Wednesday to find out what we were doing for Generous June. She was so impressed and so pleased with what she heard and saw that she said she didn’t want to leave.

Pity, horror and anger are some of the emotions that the children felt when we learned about the plight of orcas held in captivity. They were truly shocked to find out that some of these magnificent creatures are denied the freedom to swim in the oceans just to entertain us. Stella’s was the first voice to demand that we write letters of protest. When we watched a video about Keiko the killer whale, everyone cheered and applauded as they saw him swim in the seas and join a pod of orcas after 20 years of living in a tank. I like to think that I’m pretty good at writing but I simply cannot find words to express how proud I was of my class at that moment.

Leigha and Guzal are the Learners of the week. Guzal has been getting through her work really quickly, showing concentration and a desire for learning in all lessons. Progress this week has been remarkable. Leigha has had a superb week too. She has tried to give maximum effort and focus in every single task and she kindly and generously gave up lots of her breaktimes to help make our indoor and outdoor classroom a better place. I have been extremely impressed.

Nature taught us another lesson about humility, generosity and kindness today. This afternoon some children helped to clean up the outdoor area at the back of our classroom. Andrea, Ronnie and Abigail were even brave enough to help me to clean up our wildlife pond. Whilst we were working we were able to share knowledge, ask questions and to learn in the most natural and fulfilling way. After removing several trees worth of decaying leaves, we watched the frogs and tadpoles swim freely, and within seconds of cleaning the birdbath, Ronnie and I stood in amazement, 2 metres from a sparrow, watching it as it drank thirstily and gratefully. Isla’s idea that Kindness Costs Nothing is true but I think we can add some extra words.

Kindness costs nothing and is more precious than anything.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Moore

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