Friday 6th July

Hi everyone

Even though Birkdale lost once again, Sports Day went very well today. Excellence, determination and effort were displayed in abundance by the amazing ACE athletes and some of the teachers and parents too!  My plans to steal gold by feeding the team jelly beans failed. My theory was that a sugar rush would make them run faster.  It doesn’t. They just talk faster and laugh harder. Hopefully Gareth Southgate has a better plan.

This week I handed my class over to Miss Judge for transition to Year 5.  The children were really keen to tell me about what a great time they had, and they seemed especially excited about performing MacBeth next year.  Miss Judge also enjoyed having my class for a trial period.  She was very impressed by their good behaviour and their attitudes, and she found them all ‘not guilty’.  As you can imagine, I felt very proud and relieved by the verdict.  Hamza, Ramtin and Harley won prizes for being marvellous mathematicians, and Miss Judge also gave her ruling on who should be the Learners of the Week.  Arman and Susan were named as the children who should receive maximum praise.  Susan submitted a wealth of high quality written evidence to prove that she is ready for Y5, and Arman’s incisive comments, questions and his willingness to offer totally honest answers when under pressure were the key factors in Miss Judge’s decision.  Well done everyone, I think we got away with it.

Uh oh!  I spoke too soon.  Apparently we have to prove that we are the best class in the whole world all over again. Next week two teachers from Scarborough will be visiting ACE to investigate how we use Google Classroom to write and collaborate.  A visit to the seaside in September is one of the possible outcomes, so fingers crossed that truth and justice will prevail.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore


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