Friday 21st September

Hi everyone.

During this week’s RE lesson we explored why ancient civilisations used to worship the sun. Some amazing ideas and thinking was shared by many children, and some very deep questions were answered brilliantly.

Despite some excellent learning throughout the week in Maths and English, Science is now probably the most popular subject in Y4.  ‘How can we prove that gases exist?’ was the key question that the children attempted to answer.  The photos below have captured some brilliant moments of wonder and discovery.

Lexia Legends this week are Gledia and Edward who have both earned 20 units. Layth, Annie, Ethan, Aayah, Zain and Alliyah also gained more units than was needed. Sumdog Superstars are Leah and Alex.

Edward has shown us that he passion for history and he has superb knowledge of the Romans. Yunus has also made a very good impression on us through his ability to reflect on his learning. He always shows a strong desire to improve and to make progress and he listens carefully to advice and acts on it.

Despite strong competition, we have chosen Gledia to be Learner of the Week. She always has a mature attitude and shows great resilience by managing distractions effectively.  Every piece of work that she produces is completed with care and is presented beautifully.

Homework for this week: English books pages 6 and 7 (verbs and adverbs), Maths books pages 8 and 9 (place value, 1000 more, 1000 less), plus spellings and home reading books. Extra minutes on Lexia and Sumdog would be very welcome too.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

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