Friday 16th November

Hi everyone.

During the week in 4MM we have learned about the importance of Remembrance Day.  Also, we had our class Assembly.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.  Mr Moore spoke to us about e-safety and then we played a game that teaches us how to be safe on the internet.  On Thursday we marched to stop bullying from happening.

We have chosen Adrika to be Learner of the Week because she has earned a lot of Lexia units and she has shown resilience and teamwork, but everyone has worked really hard in our class so we should all be proud of ourselves.

by Davina

Thank you Davina for writing part of the blog. We love your enthusiasm and keenness to help.

Preparations for the battle against the Celts and Druids continued in earnest this week. We painted some of our eagle amulets and our legionaries wrote letters to their loved ones back in Rome. It takes 17 days to walk to Rome so the battle will be over before the letters arrive! On Monday 4MM will be making shields to protect themselves but this week we looked at how Emperor Hadrian protected his empire. Aayah, Alliyah, Layth and Faheem researched and shared information very effectively.

No place like home or no place like Rome? We put this to the test by finding out about the annual weather forecasts for Rome and Leeds.  After looking at rainfall, temperature and hours of sunshine, we decided where we would like to be on our birthdays.  Layth made one of many wise choices this week.

Well done to Adrika.  We are really pleased with her effort and progress. Not only has she has earned 46 Lexia units, she has also impressed us with her excellent attitude in writing and maths lessons. This week we’ve decided that we need to choose two Learners of the Week. So, congratulations to Layth for showing us just how brilliant he can be. #veryhappyteachers

Zain is Lexia Legend for his 63 units and our Sumdog Superstar is Tyreece for answering 702 questions in 7 days.

Homework is posted on Google Classroom and a Sumdog times tables challenge has been set.

Thanks to everyone in 4MM for contributing to a wonderful week and for supporting Anti Bullying and Children In Need with such enthusiasm and generosity.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

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