Friday 8th February

Hi everyone

On Monday the children proved that there is no limit to their ability to learn computing skills. They composed music in Garageband, dropped it into iMovie and then added the painting that they had made using Sketchpad. The children then saved their work as MP4s and uploaded their files to Google Classroom. It’s hard to believe that our pupils are only 8 or 9 years old. Imagine what they will be able to do in 10 years time!

Even more encouragingly for our beautiful blue planet, the children have been sharpening their ability to articulate their wonderfully positive and caring attitudes towards the environment. Immense effort has been put into writing, redrafting and rehearsing their protest speeches. Our pupils have learned to share their passion more effectively by using the IRIS video system to review performance. They have noticed how fluency, volume and pace are critical elements of powerful public speaking.

The Maths No Problem theme for this week was simplifying fractions. Thandeka has found this topic to be simpler to learn than almost anyone because of her excellent knowledge of times table facts.

Our new class novel is ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo. We read chapter 1 and applied detective skills to work out the author’s intention, his viewpoint, and why he had chosen specific language and vocabulary.

Lexia Legends are Zain (as usual!), and Layth.  Sumdog Superstars are Tyreece and Aaron, and TT Rockstar is Leyana. We are particularly proud of Leyana. Her new status as TT busker is pretty much the exact same job that Mr Moore had 35 years ago.

Learner of the Week is Gledia. Her recent absence from Y4 has made us really appreciate how much she contributes to the well-being of our class. We missed her more than she probably knows.

Thank you to Aayah and Alliyah for helping to write today’s blog post.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore






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