Friday 1st March

Hi everyone

What a wonderful week of learning, fun and amazing experiences!

We began the week by finding out about our levels of self-control. The challenge was to hold a piece of chocolate for 10 minutes without eating it. Those children who were able to resist temptation were rewarded with a second piece of chocolate. Only one pupil failed to pass the test but at least he learned a valuable lesson.

Brush Ninja is a free online animation program. We used it to create animated gifs of a sea creature that we might find at The Deep. Later on, we continued with an ocean theme by researching where different aquatic animals come from and then marking their locations on a map of the world.

Fractions are fun is the maths message for this week. Our pupils are making really good progress in adding and subtracting fractions, and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

We are also very pleased with the progress in writing that Y4 have made. They wrote very powerfully persuasive speeches based on the polar bears’ quest for sea ice completely independently. Cohen’s especially impressed us, as did Alana’s, Harvey’s and Ethan’s, who applied everyone that they have been taught in writing lessons this term.

On Tuesday afternoon went to the Grand Theatre to watch a performance of The Magic Flute. It was a superb production. The cast was brilliant, the backdrops and set designs were stunning, and of course the music was superb. It was a great experience for the children but our favourite part of the opera was when our pupils started to sing along with one of the arias.

Thank you to Mrs Lynch for helping Y4 to start work on creating blue planet inspired dances. It was simply beautiful to see the children letting of self-consciousness and expressing themselves. They choreographed their own parts of the dance in groups and also learnt some parts altogether.

A wonderful week was completed by a terrific trip to The Deep. The children were brimming with excitement and full of smiles all day. There were countless moments of awe and wonder, even for the grown ups! Having met so many fabulous fishy friends and amazing aquatic acquaintances, our campaign in school against plastic pollution in the oceans seems more important than ever.

Learners of the Week are Aaron and Harvey for their resilience and their determination to understand how to add and subtract fractions. They have both developed their independence and have really impressed us this week with their positive attitude and have-a-go spirit! Sumdog Superstars are Enzo and Layth, and our TT Rockstars are Davina and Ethan. Lexia Legends are Gledia and Zain.

Have a great weekend everyone

Miss Mason + Mr Moore


Some of our pupils have expressed concern about stories of upsetting online sites and internet ‘crazes’. The police, the Safer Internet Centre, and the BBC have stated that the latest story is being driven by ‘fake news’ and we should avoid causing unnecessary alarm. However, children are still able to accidentally view worrying content relating to this theme through watching videos on YouTube, WhatsApp and other forms of social media.  Please be aware of the latest e-safety advice by visiting the Parent Zone website or the Safer Internet Centre, and please always know where your children are when they are online.


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