Friday 8th March

Hi everyone

Today the children finished their protest speeches about the consequences of plastic pollution. It has been a long process of drafting, editing, redrafting and revising. Immense effort has been expended to achieve some tremendous results. There are many outstanding pieces of work and the progress made by everyone has been utterly brilliant. 4MM’s finished work reflects their passionate hopes for a better world and is expressed through superb sentence structure, expert vocabulary, precise punctuation and spelling, and, of course, beautiful handwriting.

We have chosen Cohen and Asonat to be our Learners of the Week. Their incredibly powerful persuasive speeches are a source of pride to us, and a sign of hope to every orca in the ocean.

King of the Sumdog Kennel is Enzo for the most minutes of learning time, and Yunus and Zain are Lexia Legends. Ethan and Mayako are the TT Rockstars for the most rapid recent progress.

Please try to join us next Wednesday for our Assembly, in which we will share and celebrate some of the many great achievements made by 4MM so far this year.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

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