Friday 22nd March

Hi everyone

The work of Kurt Jackson was the inspiration for a wonderful lesson in art. After studying his style and techniques, the children created some beautiful pieces of work using watercolour paints.



Some of our best artists applied different skills to achieve a high standard. Tyreece found success by following the instructions for the process carefully, and Cohen worked meticulously and with precision to ensure that his art was outstanding, as did Alana. Leyana used her fantastic sense of colour brilliantly, and Thandeka showed her skills in blending, merging and using tone. Next week we will combine acrylic and watercolour paints to create seascapes.

Learner of the Week is Alana. Her attitude and aspiration impresses us in every lesson that we teach and her superb artwork should be hung on a wall alongside her beautiful test results. Lexia Legends are Gledia, Asonat, Layth and, of course, Zain. Thandeka and Davina are Sumdog Superstars, and this week’s TT Rockstars are Faheem and Rewan.

Please take any opportunity with your child to talk about how to read a 24 hour clock. You can use the clock app on an iPad or Android tablet to set timed challenges with the stopwatch feature, or set alarms to mark and measure significant points in the day.

Our newest member of 4MM will be paying us a visit at some time around 13:00 hrs on Monday. He’s already tried on his school uniform.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

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