Friday 26th April

Hi everyone

Although we only had 0.8 of a school week, Y4 have managed to accumulate whole lot of knowledge and many new skills.

The children are making great progress in the maths topic of ordering decimal numbers to three places. A Sumdog challenge has been set for those who want to gain deeper understanding and more fluency.

Aayah and Asonat are our Learners of the Week.  Aayah was chosen for her constantly impeccable behaviour and her effort in all curriculum areas.  As a reward for her excellence, she was selected to be the first pupil in 4MM to visit the new school building.

Mrs Cooper would be very proud of Asonat because of how effectively she has applied some of the learning behaviours that she has been developing with her. Asonat has been demonstrating strong skills in capitalising by drawing on all her resources to help her succeed in challenging tasks.

TT Rockstar for this week is Zain, and he is also a Lexia Legend along with Gledia. Sumdog Superstars are Harvey and Tyreece.

Thank you to all of the parents, friends and relative who were able to attend the celebration on Thursday afternoon of our work about our Blue Planet. The children are rightly proud of what they have achieved. Not only have they produced some wonderful work in many curriculum areas, they have also gained attitudes and outlooks that will protect our world for future generations. The finished videos will be posted on the blog next week.

Today, Cohen and Leyana reminded us of their wonderful artistic abilities when Y4 combined acrylic and watercolour paints to create some stunning seascapes. Cohen’s skills in creating shades of colour are incomparable and Leyana’s ability to represent an image, a mood and a feeling is unmatched.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore






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