Friday 24th May

Hi everyone

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend the Arts Fortnight celebration today. We are so proud of what the children have achieved over the past two weeks with the help of our dedicated and incredibly talented colleagues.

The dance sequence choreographed by Mrs. Lynch was absolutely stunning. As soon as it started it felt like all the doors and windows in the hall had been burst open by a hurricane. The power of the dance was startling. It was compelling and hypnotising, mixing themes of freedom and captivity as the children created intricate patterns, entwining and interweaving movements, expressions and emotions. Davina’s role was perfectly allocated. She commanded her dancers with extraordinary strength and energy. Thank you Mrs. Cattrall for providing the rhythm that helped every single member of 4MM to contribute to the creation of a beautiful and mesmerising jigsaw of movement and music.

Thank you also to Mrs. Walker who gave our guests a taste of what we have been learning with her in the café. Her delicious recipe for ‘tree’ biscuits made us hungry for even more knowledge and super keen to take more of her classes in cookie cuisine.

In the Art Studio, Mrs. Johnston shared the creative processes that have driven our project. She explained how the children’s responses to our outdoor environment had helped to lead the way on our journey through the Arts whilst being guided by the influence of Andy Goldsworthy. Having the opportunity to explore and create art has enriched our pupils with vocabulary, given us the chance to examine deeper ideas and thoughts, and has equipped us to become even more effective writers.

Tales were told in our classroom this afternoon that excited, delighted and ignited our audience. It was wonderful to see so many parents, relatives and friends listening to our pupils reading the stories that they have worked so hard to develop over the past two weeks.

Children don’t often scream with excitement when we do assessments and tests but that’s exactly what happened this afternoon in 4MM.  A Kahoot quiz put a smile on the faces of all adults and all children whilst generating fierce competitiveness and also managed to provide enough data and fun to make SATs fans think again.

Sumdog Superstar is Yunus and Lexia Legends are Zain and Layth. TT Rockstar is Edward who became a Headliner this week. Every pupil in 4MM has earned the title and honour of Learner of the Week this week. Thank you to all 4MM. You are a fabulous ‘kaleidoscope of colour’.

Have a very happy half term holiday.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

PS Don’t tell Elvis but there’s a new barker on the block. His name is Milo and he’s Woofer of the Week. He’s just a young pup but he’s already acquired tremendous sofa spreading skills.

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