Friday 21st 2019

Hi everyone

4MM have been working way through quite a few different maths topics this week. We’ve calculated area, plotted coordinates and written teachers ages in Roman numerals. For extra practice and to gain more confidence, please try the Sumdog challenges this weekend.

The biographies of King Alfred were completed this week. Rewan really impressed us with the improvement in the flow and coherence of his writing. Our next writing project will be to create a Viking saga, a thrilling and incredible story that could captivate an audience of listeners. We’ve researched what features we should include in our tales by exploring some of the Norse mythology and legends. 4MM also used observational skills and inferential reasoning to discover Viking beliefs by building a jigsaw picture of the Yggdrasil tree, piece by piece.

Leyana is our Learner of the Week for earning a full week of stamps on her visible learning passport. Lexia Legends are Rewan and Harvey, Sumdog superstars are Harvey and Hafsa, and TTRockstars are Zain and Alana.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

PS Woofer of the Week is Fitz. His hide and seek skills are amazing.


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