Friday 28th July

Hi everyone

This week was basically a whole series of scenes from School of Rock.  A visual literacy lesson using one of George Ezra’s songs produced a great response from the children. Asonat showed that she could easily be a famous film director one day.  She was able to explain the meaning behind every single frame of the video.  Asonat even surprised herself with her extraordinary ability. “I don’t know how I know but I know.”

The children once again achieved the highest level of learning in computing by combining services to create and share their ideas and feelings.  Avicii’s new release ‘Heaven’ was the inspiration for an iMovie project. The children imported the song onto a timeline and then created a video to accompany the music. They selected images from Google but also learned to use the screen recording facility on iPads to capture animations that they made using Brush Ninja and Hopscotch. ◢ ◤ would have been proud of their tributes and creativity.

On Wednesday we formed a band: a Garageband band.  Once the children had chosen the first two songs for our setlist, they were taught to tune their iPad guitars to the right key so that they could play along to Avicii’s Bad Reputation and Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds.  4MM showed incredible concentration and outstanding musical talent.  Apologies to our neighbours Miss Judge and Mr Ash for being so loud but we sounded great.  We’ll be headlining at Glastonbury by this time next year.

We’ve been writing our own Viking sagas. We watched some BBC video clips to gain inspiration. For our saga we had to include a setting for where it would take place, introduce characters, include a quest, surprise twist, solution and how the story ends. For example, I was writing about Asgard. My setting was based outside the palace. My characters were Freya, Odin, Loki and Frigg, and I made my own characters called Hevean and Heven.

Our class coped with the end of year tests really well.  The children tried very hard to do their very best and showed resilience and determination in abundance.  Layth is our Learner of the Week for demonstrating good skills in reflectiveness when he was faced with some stressful challenges during assessment week.  He was able to step back using calmness and wisdom to choose a path that has helped him to be very successful in his tests.

Sumdog Superstars are Ethan and Yunus, and Hafsa is the Symphony Maths Magician. Daisy, Asonat, Enzo and Rewan are the Lexia Legends but the list of children who have met their weekly Lexia target is getting longer and longer.  Well done and thank you to Hafsa, Leyana, Aayah, Alliyah, Beltina and Ethan.

We also owe a huge thank you to all the children that helped make our ice cream stall at the Summer Fair so successful.  We made a huge profit and we learned that some of our pupils could sell sand to the Sahara.  Beltina will be a hugely successful businesswoman.  Invest in her company.  She will make you rich.

Have a great weekend

Aayah             Miss Mason          Mr Moore

PS: The Woofer of the Week title has been stolen by a very bad boy.  He has not been allowed to use stairs for over 10 weeks due to his surgery but last night he rediscovered the strength to revive old habits when he tried to snaffle his pack leader’s midnight snack. #ElvisLives


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