Friday 5th July

Hi everyone

This week we suddenly grew a whole year older in just one day. Annie and Asonat will explain.

On Wednesday Year 4 met Miss Judge who will be teaching us in Year 5. With Miss Judge we read a blurb about Macbeth, which will be one of our topics for next year. Next we did a have-a-go write about a lighthouse. Later that day 4MM traced the cover of the book ‘Wonder’ but we changed the hairstyle, and over the eye we wrote our favourite things that we like to do.

Thank you to everyone in Y4 MM for being brilliant Y5s.

The Leeds Sumdog competition started today and so far we are in the lead. Please keep playing over the weekend. Perhaps we’ll let Mr Kay win one day. The leaders of the Sumdog pack for this week are Hafsa and Yunus, and our Lexia Legends are Ethan, Asonat and Rewan. Special congratulations for Ethan for completing Lexia. TT Rockstars are Faheen, Zain and Layth.

For the second week in a row our Learner of the Week is Layth. He has been brilliant at ‘distilling’ which means being able to make links and to apply what he knows when learning about new subjects. We were also very proud of how well he did in today’s high jump competition. He soared to new heights this week. Keep flying Layth!

Have a great weekend

Annie, Asonat, Miss Mason and Mr Moore

Once again, Woofer of the Week is Elvis. To be honest, he won the prize without even trying. Fitz and Milo were thrown out of the competition.

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