Inspired by ‘Overhead on a Saltmarsh’

In Y4 we have been looking at using dialogue in poetry. To help us with this, we looked at a poem based on mythical creatures ‘Overheard on a Saltmarsh’. The children used this poem to inspire their own. They looked at the features of the poem: the rhythm, the repeating phrases, and ensured that their poem included these features too!

The children have enjoyed performing their poems in front of the class and have also used peer feedback in the editing process to improve their poems.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs…

This week, as part of our learning on different perspectives, we have explored the wolf’s side of the story (that not many people know about). We have looked at the pigs version of events and also the wolf’s. We then conducted a debate about who really was to blame, was the wolf in the wrong or not? We had some passionate arguments where children were able to look at the story from both sides!

Here’s some pictures of our debate in action at the “4SM House of Commons”

The children will be able to articulate both sides of the story, so if you’ve never heard THE TRUE Story of the Three Little Pigs then, get yourself a cup of tea and allow your child to retell the story to you!